BIAS for iPad – Glassy Expansion Pack (video)

Korg littleBits Test (Poor Man’s Buchla Bounce) (video)

Back in 2008: Probably one of the last games released for the iPod Classic

iPod Classic games were never a big thing really. They never took off like the app store, and this was one of the last to come out. It was a strange music game where apparently your songs (on your iPod) became warriors. I never took to it, but you can read the original post here.

iMPC Pro arrives for your iPad

After a long wait it’s here …

For a limited time, iMPC Pro is $12.99 (normally $19.99) — the price of original iMPC off. Thanks to everyone for supporting and creating with iMPC!

Developed in partnership with Retronyms —

iMPC Pro is a 64-track music production powerhouse for your iPad. With built-in sampling functionality, a massive sound library, effects, and over 30 performance-driven features, iMPC Pro brings the functionality of Akai Professional’s coveted Music Production Center to your iPad. Developed in partnership with Retronyms, the developers of the original iMPC, iMPC Pro comes with high end tools for intuitive beat creation whenever inspiration strikes. It combines multiple sampling methods, producer-tested MPC features, a custom sample library from Richard Devine, and an intuitive gestural editor for the most powerful, creative and fun iPad music production experience yet.

  • Creating sample-based music on your iPad with renowned MPC functionality
  • Sample audio from the iPad microphone, your own tracks using resampling, other apps using Inter App Audio, or your music library
  • 64 tracks for flexible multi-track music production including gain fader, 3-band EQ, mute, solo, panning and FX sends on each track
  • All-new chop-shop provides intuitive multi-touch editing, trimming, auditioning, splicing, splicing and processing samples
  • All-new Timeline View opens a multi-touch gestural editor for sequencing, recording, and editing
  • All-new Flux mode lets you warp and glitch your beats in real-time or with automation
  • All-new Precision Knobs and Faders expand on command for precisely dialing in parameters
  • Drag n’ Drop your samples for simplified program/kit assembly
  • All-new 3D-performance mode lets your perform with your iPad’s accelerometer
  • All-new Turbo Duck effect fattens up your tracks with sidechain compression
  • Exclusive sound library featuring 1,400+ samples from sound designer Richard Devine with hundreds of Akai Pro exclusive samples
  • Improved sampling workflow with re-sampling and sample library organization
  • 16 Levels mode with attack, velocity, length, and tuning settings for quickly creating variations of your sounds
  • Note Variation slider lets you adjust attack, velocity, length, and tuning as you play
  • Onboard effects include delay, bit crusher, and master compressor/limiter
  • Live Sequence queuing for real-time performance and playback
  • Time correct: 1/8 note – 1/32T with variable swing
  • MPC Note Repeat featuring 1/8 note – 1/32T timing with latch
  • AudioCopy and AudioPaste for copying/pasting beats and sequences from compatible apps
  • Works with MPC Element via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (sold separately)
  • Community sharing built-in: directly upload to SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or export to your computer
  • iOS support for simple drag-and-drop, plucking, and multi-touch music gestures
  • Interactive gesture control for automation, mixing, and effects
  • Automation lets you record pad and track mute changes to your sequence
  • Tabletop ready – use iMPC Pro inside the acclaimed Tabletop App to combine it with dozens of synths, sequencers, FX and more
  • Samples may be set to 1-shot or “hold” mode
  • Tuning, Panning, Level, Lo-Pass and Hi-Pass available for each sound
  • Easy cloning of sequences via multitouch capabilities
  • Classic “Next-Sequence” lets you juggle your sequences to experiment with different compositions or for dynamic live performance
  • Mute and poly pad groups for expressive performances
  • Mixer effects include tempo-sync’d delay, reverb, chorus flanger
  • Add third-party effects with Inter App Audio
  • Pad effects include custom-designed envelope filters, 4-mode distortion and ring mod
  • Supports Inter App Audio. Record the outputs directly into other apps like GarageBand and Cubasis
  • Over 20 demo projects to manipulate, shape and learn with
  • Extensive Undo History lets you roll back your project
  • Export your tracks as an audio file

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