Ohpeewon has moved

In case you missed it, Ohpeewon has moved and become operator 1 now. The new site is here.

KORG M01: Intercontinental – Anthony Seeha and DS-Dominator (video)

ToneStack update coming soon …


Ep.66: Paul Anthony, CEO at Rumblefish (DMT 1-2-1)

Take a look at the iOS Musicians Forum

I’ve been posting about this for a while now, but it does deserve the occasional reminder. If you haven’t been there already then you might want to check out the iOS Musicians Forum. It’s relatively new and a new place to discuss iOS music making and also to promote your music as well.

[KORG DSN-12] Schnitzer Flood (video)

Novation Launchpad is now universal

Novation Launchpad goes to a universal app and works on your iPhone and your iPad too. In fact, the screen shots for the iPhone app version look very cool.

Sometimes I think that this app is a little overlooked. I actually think it’s pretty cool. Having worked with it a whole lot just recently I’ve got a renewed appreciation of what you can do with it.

Of course, it’s still free too.

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