BeatMaker 2 is still on sale, buy why?

BeatMaker 2 remains on sale at $9.99, but my question is why? Of course, I’m hoping for something new on the way from Intua, but will it be BeatMaker 3, or something entirely different? Anyone want to give some opinions, or interest rumours, or indeed, wild rumours?

TT compatibility for iMPC Pro in review

Retronyms says:

“Tabletop compatibility for iMPC Pro is coming soon too (tt update in review)”

GrainBender gets AB2

GrainBender gets the whole state saving thing with AB2. Nice one.

ToneStack Audio Demo

Midi Fighter Spectra LE Unboxing (video)

Reminder: App Music: Mobile Music Making for Professionals

Matthias Krebs is running his App Music event again this year. Last year there were some really great videos featuring the workshops and performances, so if you’re around Berlin this year take a look. The dates are the 4th to the 7th of August. More information cab be found here.

Cymatics Audiovisual Instrument (video)

Cymatics Audiovisual Instrument. from Nisba on Vimeo.

Video description:

“Interactive installation commissioned by Mac Center for the 2014 Estéreo Picnic Festival in Bogotá Colombia.
The installation is a musical and visual instrument where eight users can make music and see the influence of audio waves on non Newtonian fluid placed inside the speakers.
Four iPads were used as user interface controlling 15 inches speakers working with frequencies of 160HZ, 80 Hz, 40 Hz and 31.5 Hz . Four other user interfaces were made using bare conductive paint to control 12 inches speakers working with harmonics of the dominant frequencies.”

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