iMPC Pro Released! iMPC Pro Log (video)

Akai Professional iMPC Pro – Available Now (video)

What’s happening with Robotic Drums


iMPC Pro, How To Set Up and Getting Started for iPad (video)

If you didn’t know already iMPC Pro arrived today and Doug has made a video of how to get it up and running.

LinnStrument Slide Guitar (video)

Such an awesome piece of engineering allowing some real expressivity in the interface, and from a really nice chap too.

Sunrizer adds support for Inter-app-audio MIDI

A small but very handy update for Sunrizer as it adds support for Inter-app-audio MIDI in version 3.3.

BeatMaker 2 is still on sale, buy why?

BeatMaker 2 remains on sale at $9.99, but my question is why? Of course, I’m hoping for something new on the way from Intua, but will it be BeatMaker 3, or something entirely different? Anyone want to give some opinions, or interest rumours, or indeed, wild rumours?

TT compatibility for iMPC Pro in review

Retronyms says:

“Tabletop compatibility for iMPC Pro is coming soon too (tt update in review)”

GrainBender gets AB2

GrainBender gets the whole state saving thing with AB2. Nice one.

ToneStack Audio Demo

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