Phawuo updates

Phawuo updated to new Audiobus SDK:

  • supports Inter-App Audio!
  • supports Audiobus State Saving

ArduinoSynth0706 (video)

MC Oscilloscope update

Here’s what’s new with MC Oscilloscope:

  • Audiobus 2 support
  • Inter-App audio support
  • built-in microphones and polar patterns selectable

Sunvox on iPad – mirror halls – by RUncELL

Video description:

“A short track made using just SunVox and audio mastering on an iPad 2.”

Synergy Studio adds AudioBus 2 support

Synergy Studio has now added AudioBus 2 support in the latest version. Nice to see it get even a small update.

Semester – 64 Presets for iSEM – Sunsine Audio (video)

Sunsine Audio is pleased to announce the release of Semester – 64 new presets for Arturia iSEM and SEM.

This release features thick leads, basses, creamy pads, keys and tricky arpeggios. In addition organ, brass, strings, percussion, synth patches and sequences are included as well.

Semester utilizes all the knowledge and insight gained from my personal experience beta testing iSEM with the Arturia and Tempo Rubato teams.


  • 14 Arps
  • 10 Basses
  • 1 Brass
  • 2 FX
  • 8 Keys
  • 11 Leads
  • 3 Organs
  • 5 Pads
  • 2 Precussion
  • 2 Sequences
  • 4 Strings
  • 2 Synth


  • 64 Presets for iSEM and SEM
  • 1 Bank (.obsx file)
  • Easy Installation Instructions

Price: $2.49
Product link –

iSEM on the app store:

KORG DSN-12 (video)

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