Use the Yonac forum for ToneStack

If you’re looking for help with ToneStack it’s worth checking out the Yonac forum to talk to other users.

How to Set Up TC Data to Control External Synths (video)

Unclean Emulation by dyLAB (music made with DS)

Theremini | Dorit Chrysler (video)

I’ve been meaning to post this especially after my thoughts on the Theremini and how important it is as an instrument.

Martian Caverns (audio)

Track description:

“Early missions to Mars looked for sites to establish colonies. Because of the lack of atmosphere, caves were searched in order to find places for underground bases that would protect humans from the sun. While searching a large complex of caves on Mars, a team of Astronauts discover primitive algae and moss growing inside. As they go further into the cavern, small strange insects are noticed. Already overwhelmed by the discovery of life on Mars, the team finally discovers an alcove near the back of a large cavern that is covered in bones. The bones are human-like primates. This discovery will later be analyzed by scientist on Earth and realized to be the ‘missing link’ that archaeologists could not find on Earth.”

Track made with Mitosynth, Alchemy and NanoStudio.

Jim’s Tips & Tricks: using iConnectMIDI2+ to route audio (video)

Video description:

“In this video I wanted to demonstrate some useful audio routing features pertaining to the iConnectMIDI2+. I wanted to use the audio passthrough to send the output of JamUp Pro (from positive Grid) digitally to my DAW. I thought I would lose the ability to use my guitar interface, but I found out that I could route the guitar that was already coming into my DAW through the iConnectMIDI2+ digitally to my iPad. The resultant processed sound could then be digitally sent back to my DAW for recording. Thanks to Derek Jones from Music Inclusive for assistance with this!”

Lego Korg Gadget is what you really need …


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