Alchemy Synth for iOS – Pro Upgrade Tutorial (video)

You’ve probably seen these before, but now Tuna Knobs is launching on the 9th

I think they’re a great idea, and I’d love to try them. Anyway, they’re launching on the 9th. This Wednesday, which is great.

I’ll have more about them soon.

AMPLIFi Remote v1.2 (video)

Oscilab free now available on Google Play

For Android users, if you were contemplating getting hold of Oscilab, now you can try it for free. It’s here on the play store.

ToneStack for iOS – The Basics (video)

Wotja adds a game

Wotja has added simple music game (accessed via icon on toolbar in play screen) – tap and hold the moving line, which is influenced by your melody, and see what score you can get!

Voxkit — A Sound-Triggered MIDI Controller for iOS

Use the Yonac forum for ToneStack

If you’re looking for help with ToneStack it’s worth checking out the Yonac forum to talk to other users.

How to Set Up TC Data to Control External Synths (video)

Unclean Emulation by dyLAB (music made with DS)

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