Brute LFO and the Molecule Synth (video)

Watch out for Arctic going on sale tomorrow


Anaphobia might be making a new app …


Frozen Lonesome: ECHO Slapped (more awesome work)

Frozen Lonesome: ECHO Slapped from Frozen Lonesome on Vimeo.

ECHO Slapped was created, recorded and mastered on an iPad 3. Main beat and melody created in Oscilab with added sounds from Bass Station ll, a Shruthi 1 and AUFX:Dub. Recorded and arranged in LoopyHD and finished in Mastering.

Borderlands Demo and Tutorial for iPad (video)

So this isn’t version 2 which we’re all waiting for, and which, according to iOS MARS, is due very soon indeed.

That’s something to look forward to.

Sunvox tips and tricks forum

This is a useful forum for Sunvox users looking to share tips and tricks and stuff. Handy yeah?

Genome MIDI Sequencer App Demo – Sweetwater’s iOS Update, Vol. 77 (video)

Great to see one of my favourite MIDI sequencers getting into the spotlight.

Twister : KORG DSN-12 Lissajous curve demo ( no music )

I’m seriously considering getting a 3DS for this.

Volca Bass/Bassboy+/x0xb0x/Sequential TOM/MC-300(Home Live14)

Well done Midiflow …


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