ROY G BIV color synthesizer app, let’s hear your pizza then

I thought I’d post this as the description sounded fun and I like the idea of the sound of pizza

ROY G BIV is a cool synth that turns color into music!

What does the color green sound like? What does your food sound like? What does a selfie sound like? Find out by playing around with this groundbreaking synth that uses color data from your iPhone’s camera and converts it into cool synth effects.

Neat Features:

  • 1-octave keyboard that stretches from C to shining C
  • Attack, Decay, Oscillation and Waveform controlled by the color of whatever you’re pointing your phone at
  • Four sample pads: kick drum, snare, hi hat, and barking doggy 🙂
  • Endless fun and cool tunes forever ::::)))))

And, it’s only $0.99 / £0.69 on the app store:

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