Arturia BeatStep driving a Thingamagoop (video)

Yonac are making a quick start video for ToneStack, what would you like to see?


In case you missed it, CDM on our SoundLab project

In case you missed it from yesterday, here’s a link to my piece on SoundLab over at CDM.

iPad Nord Beat app sequencing Ableton live- feat. Bass Station II

AUFX:Space Eurorack Jam (w/ Noisemusick & Volca Beats) #TTNM (video)

AUFX:Space on the app store:

Noisemusick on the app store:

SH-101+Volca Bass+Sequential TOM Sync Test(No MIDI) (video)

Looked like it was fun to do …

ToneStack from Yonac, Quick Look Pre Release Demo for iPad or iPhone (video)

Considering it has launched today I thought that it would be worth posting this video again.

Trigger Box arrives and will send gate to your analog apparently

Not a huge amount of description on this app. In fact, this is it:

“Trigger Box sends gate signals to your analog synthesizer.”

But it’s free.

iRing Motion controller for iPhone & iPad (video)

Get a set of iRings direct from IK, click below:

It’s arrived! Yonac’s ToneStack is here … (in case you missed it from earlier)

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