MIDI Designer 1.6.2 is on the way

Here’s what to expect:

New Features

  • Multiline labels for sliders, knobs, buttons and crossfaders
  • URL launching (launch AudioBus apps, open messages App, URLs, etc.)
  • MIDI Designer can optionally avoid being suspended in background
  • Page and Bank Jump Buttons, including jump back to last page
  • Create menu systems: All Page and Bank Jump, Next-Previous Buttons now can work on “other” side (iPad only)

Minor New Features

  • New design-mode marker for Hide in Performance
  • Lines extend from controls in design mode for easier alignment
  • Gridlines on pedalboards in design mode
  • New textures: Cheese Grater, Tripping Bubbles, Pulsar, Hemoglobin
  • Bring to Front in Performance (Toggle)
  • Bank button will not be visible if one bank (and other, similar cases)

Major Fixes

  • Big fixes to presets for groups and global presets (their interaction)
  • Presets not being saved with rig when saved/mailed ( see on the Q&A Site )
  • Fixed snap-to-default and snap-to-value times, should be right on
  • Fixed behavior for both inverted ticks and named ticks relating to MIDI Receive
  • Channel Changer/Preset supercontrols
  • Subcontrols spinning supercontrols
  • Supercontrols spinning subcontrols


  • Fixed “latch” (also called “make toggle and hold”)
  • Fixes for button groups, latch (“make toggle”) and momentary buttons
  • Fixes for consistency with send-on-only for controls and supercontrols of buttons
  • Fixed subcontrols not spinning supercontrols if not visible

Minor Fixes

  • Updated splashes to show new company name: Confusion Studios
  • Adjusted Casio and Antares layouts to have one bank (bank selectors disappear)
  • Obscure annoyance with new installs on iPhone and adding first control
  • Removed mail-signup nag

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