CDM on SoundLab

A big thank you to Peter Kirn at CDM for posting this great piece about our SoundLab project. Please take a look at his post here.

Yonac’s ToneStack site is up

And it looks pretty impressive too. There’s lots of detail about the app and screen shots and more. It looks like a pretty impressive app all in all. Not long to wait now.

Take a look at Yonac’s ToneStack site for yourself.

Flying Haggis – Guitar Amp update

Flying Haggis – Guitar Amp added a ‘Flying Haggis’ preferences panel to the iOS Settings app, with the following features:

  • Background audio (On/Off)
  • Enable MIDI control (On/Off)
  • Primary MIDI Channel Number (1-16)
  • MIDI Bank/Preset Control (On/Off)

Fixed bug in Audiobus implementation (did not work reliably when loaded into the effects slot).

Improved sound quality when using a guitar interface which plugs into the 3.5mm headset socket.

Display a warning message if Flying Haggis does not have permission to listen to the mic input on iOS7 (along with instructions on how to fix this in the Settings app)

Mitosynth 201 — Automation (video)

Mitosynth on the app store:

Yonac’s ToneStack will be arriving tomorrow …


She’s back with a new video … I’m Feeling Lucky iPad Looptical Mix (video from Ellen)

Here’s what she’s got to say …

“Hey guys, I know its been forever but my new bundle of joy has allowed me to finally get back to the music. So I’m Back!!!

Here’s a remix of one of my originals that I was messing around with to mix things up for my live show. I created the arrangement in the iPad using MowCowMusic’s Looptical app. Then I combined all the parts and exported to Cubasis where I recorded the vocals… good times!

Feel free to take my originals home with you by visiting iTunes( or other fine digital retailers…”

TC Data Controlling iSEM and Magellen on an iPad

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