Why the Theremini is so important …

I’m sure you’ve seen Moog’s new Theremini which is due to start shipping shortly. It’s a lovely machine, very compact with great features including CV output and MIDI IO through a USB mini jack. But what’s really important is that it’s built on Moog’s Animoog engine, and for me that’s really significant.

No, it’s really really significant. I mean, how many physical instruments can you name that have their sound engine derived from an app? Not many I’m guessing. This is a point in music technology where things start to get really interesting. Where apps become embedded in hardware. So I applaud Moog for developing this instrument. Personally I’m really looking forward to using it in workshops and live as well. Having the Animoog engine inside guarantees fantastic sound and amazing synthesis.

Well done Moog, this is the beginning of something really important.

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