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Why the Theremini is so important …

I’m sure you’ve seen Moog’s new Theremini which is due to start shipping shortly. It’s a lovely machine, very compact with great features including CV output and MIDI IO through a USB mini jack. But what’s really important is that it’s built on Moog’s Animoog engine, and for me that’s really significant.

No, it’s really really significant. I mean, how many physical instruments can you name that have their sound engine derived from an app? Not many I’m guessing. This is a point in music technology where things start to get really interesting. Where apps become embedded in hardware. So I applaud Moog for developing this instrument. Personally I’m really looking forward to using it in workshops and live as well. Having the Animoog engine inside guarantees fantastic sound and amazing synthesis.

Well done Moog, this is the beginning of something really important.

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So, Google IO, did they announce anything that we might be interested in?

So I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff during the day about amazing things that Google have announced at their I/O conference. I have to admit that a lot of it is very exciting in terms general tech stuff. However, the one thing I expect lots of mobile music people may have been wondering is what, if anything will Google do in terms of the latency issues in Android. So far I’m hearing nothing at all.

Now that’s not to say that they won’t announce something later. After all, improving music making apps isn’t going to be their headline stuff for the conference keynote, so there might be good news after all. Who knows?

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Don’t forget, Junglator is free, forever …

The nice people at Amplify have made Junglator free forever because they won a rather awesome award for app design.

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SyncMix arrives, looks like just what I’ve been waiting for

SyncMix is a tool that brings three generations of sync together, all controlled from your app.

Nothing beats playing music together with your friends. Now, SyncMix makes it very simple and affordable. Just hook up all the gear to your device, set your tempo and off you go.

It’s also an inexpensive way to get all your own gear in sync.

MIDI is handled through the connector port together with Apple Camera Connection Kit or Lightning Pin depending on your Apple device. CV sync goes through a mini stereo audio cord connected to the headphones output. Wireless sync runs through any music application using WIST running on another device.

There are two ways to connect MIDI to your gear.

Make sure you use the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter for 30 pin connector devices or the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit for the Lightning pin connector devices. Then with a USB to MIDI cable you can connect to any MIDI interface you use with your laptop.

MIDI Hardware
To connect with MIDI Hardware you can use the same as above or if you want to bypass your MIDI interface you can explore the products from IK Multimedia that works for your setup.

Connect a 3.5″ mono or stereo audio cable from your device to your CV gear. Depending on your setup you may or may not need to boost the gain of the signal. In our testing we have used the Volca series without any need to boost the gain. For Eurorack Modular users, audio gain boost for the clock signal can be achieved via the Steady State Fate Ground Control and PTG, Circuit Abbey Gozinta or Doepfer A-119. The modules where used in our testing but theoretically any other gain module should work.

You can now for the first time jam with your favourite WIST compatible app. Setup up your SyncMix app device as the Master and your other device with the music app with WIST as the Slave. Once the connection is made you can sync all of the above protocols at once.

Known limitation – You have to have a cord attached to the headphones output at all times for SyncMix to work properly.

SyncMix costs $3.99 / £2.49, which is not bad at all I think.

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Now there’s some news! A new SoundPrism app in the works …


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You shoud have a listen to this for sure …


It’s a lovely album and I’ve been really enjoying it.

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LinnStrument Blues Harmonica (video)

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LinnStrument Pedal Steel (video)

Following on from my post yesterday I thought I’d post this, a new video from Roger on the LinnStrument.

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Hit the Road Jack – live vocal loop cover (video)

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Playing With GuitarCapo+ (video)