Arturia releases a firmware update to BeatStep

Here are the release notes:

BeatStep firmware 1.1.0.

New Features

  • Provide additional settings locally. There is now a way to set up some parameters directly on the unit while in SEQ mode. Shift + Knob 1: set gate time (50%..99%) Shift + Knob 2: set swing (50%..75%) Shift + Knob 3: set legato mode (off/on/on reset)
  • Transpose pads with Controller in CNTRL mode It’s now possible to transpose pads in CNTRL mode, using Shift + big knob, on a +/-24 half steps range.
  • Extend sequencer big knob transposition range Transposition range (big knob) has been extended from +/-12 to +/-24 half steps

Bug Fixes

  • Knob acceleration too slow Knobs are now accelerated properly when turned fast
  • Default start up memory should be 1 At power up, sequence from memory #1 is recalled (previously, a default sequence was loaded)
  • MIDI channel pad highlight in Controller mode. Pad back-lighting is now restored after channel setting and similar operations
  • Stuck note in CV while switching CV channel while playing Changing CV channel while playing a sequence no longer produces stuck CV note
  • RPN/NRPN fine mode not working RPN/NRPN fine mode now works as expected when activated with MIDI Control Center
  • Big knob value update between CNTRL mode and SEQ mode Setting rate/transpose in SEQ mode no longer affects the volume setting internal position in CNTRL mode
  • Bad handling of SPP (Song Position Pointer) message Fixed Song Position Pointer message handling (when EXT SYNC is active), leading to better compatibility with MaschineĀ®
  • Inverted MIDI Values for pads/encoders It’s now possible to program a pad or knob with min value & max value (useful for pads in switched control mode)

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