rrarrow update adds a lot of worthy new features

rrarrow gets a very big update:

  • New objects that work with audio files!!
    • Lookup table. Takes input as position of the audiofile. Imports up to 10 seconds of audiofile. Good for distortion and nonlinear effects
      • Two audio file playes with the speed control – with and without interpolation
      • “scrub” module for semi-random audio-file based effects
  • New recording function – record the sound you hear directly to file!
    • Share audio files to other applications and AudioShare app
  • and more:
    • Expanded wires – now can include DC filter and nonlinear function (hyperbolic tangent)
    • Expanded MIDI: note on messages now control buttons – each note in any octave controls all buttons of the same color
  • Fixed bug with virtual MIDI input
  • More bugfixes and optimizations

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