Bandcamp app adds search through their entire catalogue of 1.4m albums

That’s a pretty good new feature for the Bandcamp app. If you don’t use Bandcamp you might want to give it a look as there’s not only a lot of very good music on there, but also it’s a very useful way of putting your own music out there.

So here’s what’s new with the app

  • Search! You can now dig through Bandcamp’s catalog of 1.4 million albums and 10.8 million tracks, right from the app. Search for artists and fans, too.
  • Dive! Tap any fan image in your feed to listen to their collection. It’s an awesome way to discover new music/slip into a K-hole of aural exploration from which you will definitely emerge a better person.
  • Preach! Set your favorite track and comment on any album in your collection.
  • Preen! Set your profile image (it’s in Settings). NO DUCK FACE.
  • Enjoy!

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