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AmpliTube Orange review and comparison

Whilst I still enjoy playing a bit of guitar now and then I’m nowhere near as competent as my friend Paul who offered to take a look at IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube Orange app and compare it against other apps and hardware to see which he thought came out best. Here’s what he decided …

How to get the sound of an Orange guitar amplifier without actually owning one….

With the release of AmpliTube’s Orange apps, I thought it would be interesting to compare the sounds with those produced by some other Orange emulators. Sadly I don’t own a real Orange amp but have always enjoyed the distinctive edgy crunch that characterises this established British manufacturer.

The following comments are of course totally subjective and reflect my personal opinion and taste.

The contenders are:

  1. AmpliTube Orange as endorsed by the real Orange company.
  2. JamUp Pro‘s OR30
  3. Bias “British Rock 50”
  4. Tech 21 Oxford (Sansamp). This is a hardware guitar pedal with analog electronics

Audio was sent through the iPad via a Roland Duo Ex interface.

Clean sounds:

My personal favourite was the AmpliTube AD30 with a full bodied “rounded” sound, whereas the the OR50 seemed a little too “thin” despite attempts to manipulate the eq section. The Tiny Terror is an excellent value amp head in real life, but has just a single tone control which is duplicated here. It didn’t hit the spot for me (but see my comments on the over-driven sounds below). The Jam-up and Bias emulations sounded fine, but perhaps lacked the character of a real amp.

The Oxford pedal stood up well against the digital emulations with a warm, less brittle (digital?) sound. It has a very flexible (and sensitive) tone stack and a little tweaking leads to a huge range of sounds.

Over-driven sounds:

This is more up my street. Crank up the gain and immediately the AmpliTube models start spitting out that British crunch complete with authentic hiss and noise. All the models demonstrated a distinctive harmonic distortion mostly noticeable on the high strings and I believe this is a characteristic of the real hardware.

I did an A/B comparison between the Rockerverb 50 and the Oxford and managed to get the tone suprisingly close… picture the opening riff for T.Rex’s 20th Century Boy. Fantastic! Again I found the AD30 had a rounder tone and I was able to dial in more bottom end (which is the sort of sound I go for). This time the Tiny Terror’s tone control did actually produce a useful range of sounds and I found myself thinking that maybe I should invest in the real thing! The Thunderverb channel A produced an interesting “raspy” drive which could cut through in the right sort of mix but was not entirely to my taste and the OR50 was my least favourite. Prior to the AmpliTube offering, I had always enjoyed JamUp’s “Orange” amp but was suprised to find it rather thin and lacking in character when compared to the others. There was also a lack of tone variation and quite a
strong compression component to the sound.

But still, I have had it sounding great in a mix so it can’t be all bad! I only played with the basic Bias model and didn’t dig in and fiddle with the internal components; it was similar to the JamUp model but with less compression and more background hiss. It might be that something as simple as changing the position of the simulated microphone would bring the two models closer sonically. The Tech 21 sounds fantastic when cranked up and has a character control the allows radical re-modelling of the sound. And there is that harmonic distorion that I mentioned earlier…

Some conclusions:

AmpliTube offers a fantastic suite of Orange models and in my opinion outguns the Jamup version. Although interestingly this exercise has proved to me the quality of the Tech 21 Oxford and what can be done in the old fashioned analog domain. But you have to remember the Oxford will set you back £159 whereas the AmpliTube Orange is just £10.49. And of course a real Tiny Terror costs a whole load more….

Amplitube Orange on the app store ($14.99 / £10.49)

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vidibox competition starts today

If you love vidibox (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you), and you’d like to get a $50 iTunes voucher then you need to read this post at vidibox’s tumblr and enter their contest. You’ve got until July the 13th to get your entry in and up to instagram and get as many likes as you can to win.

Full details / rules etc are here.

If you don’t know the vidibox app, you can find it here on the app store:

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Nice track made in iMaschine: Home Town Robot by mUsic83

iMaschine on the app store:

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Mitosynth is coming, and it’s really rather lovely

I only started playing with it for the first time this morning, but already I’m really enjoying this app. You don’t have long to wait though, it’s coming on the 26th. This Thursday.

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Big stuff going on with midiSequencer …





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In case you missed it … The SoundLab site is up and running

I mentioned this last week, but I feel like it’s probably worth mentioning my SoundLab project again. We now have our project site up and if you have a minute it would be great if you could take a look.

If there’s anything about the project that you want to follow up on with me, you can use the form on the SoundLab site, or contact me in the normal way.

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Sometimes you’ve got the T-Shirt, but this app makes me want to buy the jacket …

I don’t have the jacket, but just taking a look at this app makes me want to get it already. I actually know someone who is in fact testing this out, so I might get a play at some point.

It does look like a lot of fun …

Here’s the app’s description:

The MIDI app allows you to setup a basic musical set which you can easily fiddle with, without having the need to know anything about music. Just open the app and play as you feel it.

To use, first select a section by placing touching one of the red circles above the jacket’s illustration. Each can hold a different sample and volume, that can be selected from a list, and easily activated by pressing play.

Nervs work a bit different. They hold a control grid that you can use to modify the preset effect filters, in order to alter the sample.

MIDI app can become a powerful tool if you add in a MIDI jacket. Just connect your iPad to the MIDI jacket’s WiFi server and start using OSC messages to wirelessly play music on your app. The application is configured to work along with the jacket right out of the box.

The app is free, the jacket, probably not I’m thinking.

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rrarrow update adds a lot of worthy new features

rrarrow gets a very big update:

  • New objects that work with audio files!!
    • Lookup table. Takes input as position of the audiofile. Imports up to 10 seconds of audiofile. Good for distortion and nonlinear effects
      • Two audio file playes with the speed control – with and without interpolation
      • “scrub” module for semi-random audio-file based effects
  • New recording function – record the sound you hear directly to file!
    • Share audio files to other applications and AudioShare app
  • and more:
    • Expanded wires – now can include DC filter and nonlinear function (hyperbolic tangent)
    • Expanded MIDI: note on messages now control buttons – each note in any octave controls all buttons of the same color
  • Fixed bug with virtual MIDI input
  • More bugfixes and optimizations

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Compendium of Different Drummer Beats from Florent Roux (audio)

“Florent is the preeminent master of Different Drummer and uses his own samples to get amazing results. This set shows a huge variety of beats and sounds he gets out of Different Drummer. All this music is produced entirely from Different Drummer…which demonstrates it’s much more than a mere drum machine! Thank you Florent (flo200)!!!”

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In case you missed it: My impressions of Oscilab

In case you missed it, here are my thoughts on Oscilab that I posted on Saturday night. Let me know what you think.