Stryke arrives and is TableTop ready

I probably have to say that Stryke doesn’t look like the kind of app that is going to work for me, but I’m sure it’ll appeal to some, and it is Tabletop ready, so if Tabletop is a big part of your workflow you might want to take a look at it.

Anyway, here’s what Retronyms have to say about it:

Unleash your spirit animal — fame awaits!

Stryke turns your iPad into a real musical instrument. Pluck, strum, shred with expertly crafted tones.

Grab the app and a camera and join the community of #StrykeShred users. Cover the classics or compose your own masterpiece!

Stryke is Tabletop-Ready!

Tabletop is a free musical environment for iPad where you can mix and match different instruments and effects. Think of it like the rest of the band.

Select your spirit animal and let the magic unfold. Your ultimate legacy begins today.

Stryke costs $2.99.

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