It’s been a little while since the last round up, so here’s a bumper edition

It would seem that I’ve got a little behind in my round up posts and there doesn’t seem to have been one so far this month. So this will pick up everything from almost the beginning of June to now. As such it’ll be easier to do it by date rather than by day of the week.

2nd of June:

  • As it was WWDC we saw new updates coming in iOS8 together with a range of thing hastily put up on the screen and not talked about (that’s how inter-app audio first got introduced). App bundles got introduced, extensibility was announced, and of course we heard all about the new OSX and how everything integrates. The real fall out will be heard in the run up to the release and also if there are any new devices that get announced between now and then.

3rd of June:

  • We first hear of Humtap, which looks like fun for now
  • We see FX in the iMPC Pro is this video from Retronyms
  • vidibox gets a lot more options for sharing and importing content

4th of June: 

5th of June:

7th of June:

9th of June:

10th of June:

11th of June:

12th of June:

13th of June:

14th of June:

  • TC-Data arrives for iPad and it looks amazing

So, there we are. Up to date at last. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and see you in the morning.

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