Mixtikl 5 – Generative Music Mixer get its last update so far …

Note: After 40 free updates, this is the last expected update for what is now Mixtikl 5 (Full). You may wish at some point to check out Mixtikl 6 which has support for Soundfont SF2, includes 6 x SF2 files, optional MIDI Out etc and a new look…

This update includes:

  • Many bug fixes to make Mixtikl 5 (Full) much more solid
  • Now *much* easier to back-up content via iTunes, and to share content between Mixtikl and Noatikl
  • Improved a number of screens including Menu, Tidy and Wavetable Unit
  • Menu & Help now links to detailed online Guide (no more abbreviated inline Help)
  • Improved screen links to (online) contextual Help
  • Fixed Portamento control in Osc Unit
  • Removed http file sharing (previously deprecated)
  • Added support for Retronyms AudioCopy 2
  • Added Crash reporting
  • Added Analytics
  • … Added a prompt to inform you about Mixtikl 6!

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