Mixtikl 5 (free) now becomes Mixtikl 6

Mixtikl 6 – Generative Music Mixer (ambient mix maker, cell & loop sequencer with modular synth, live FX, MIDI out & SF2 support)

It’s all new …

  • New: Mixtikl 5 Free now renamed to Mixtikl 6
  • New: Added Soundfont SF2 support (mono only – stereo channel data is ignored for now), *accessed/selected via (purple) Wavetable Sound Unit*
  • New: Includes 6 all new high quality SF2 files (Drums Acoustic, Piano Upright, Piano Electric, Guitar 12-String, Synths, E-Perc)
  • New: Optional MIDI Output (Core MIDI, Virtual MIDI)
  • New: Branding and icons with updated, Refreshed UI that improves usability
  • New: Now Ad supported with IAP (Mixtikl 5 Free IAP purchasers have existing functionality auto-unlocked)
  • New: Now iOS 7 and later only
  • New: Native 64-bit iOS support
  • Many bug fixes to make Mixtikl much more solid
  • Now *much* easier to back-up content via iTunes, and to share content between Mixtikl and Noatikl
  • Improved a number of screens including Menu, Tidy and Wavetable Unit
  • Menu & Help now links to detailed online Guide (no more abbreviated inline Help)
  • Improved screen links to (online) contextual Help
  • Increased timeout from 5 minutes to 10 minutes
  • Fixed Portamento control in Osc Unit
  • Removed http file sharing (previously deprecated)
  • Added support for Retronyms AudioCopy 2
  • Added Crash reporting
  • Added Analytics

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