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Konkreet Performer in action: CODEC – Bifurcate [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Konkreet performer on the app store:

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Canon in D with Stryke (video)

Stryke is a new iPad instrument coming soon from Retronyms

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MicroBrute with Synth 76477 (video)

Synth 76477 on the app store:

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DM TOUCH – ALESIS – iPad Drum Module – REVIEWS (video)

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OP-1 WiFi BACKUP! Teenage Engineering OP-1 Tips (video)

Video description:

Please read the How-to below ….

This video was initially going to be my first “voiceover” video but I bottled it as I hate the sound of my own voice when played back and I felt really strange talking to the camera. So hence the music over the video with this text explaining the video …

Drawbacks of the OP-1 are the fact that you can’t store a lot of presets, you can’t name your presets and you have to use a computer to backup, manage and rename the presets, tapes and albums. Well, that’s not the case!

I’d originally found about using a wifi card reader on Youtube, someone had posted a video showing one of these products being used but it has since disappeared so I thought I’d make my own to share and spread the word.

The Apotop DW17 (and their other models, and probably other brands wifi readers) allow you to store all your presets, tapes, albums on your iPhone/iPad/iPod and rename, re-order and transfer to and from your OP-1.

You can also plug an SD card onto it, so getting files you’ve downloaded from the web onto your PC can be put onto the SD card then loaded onto your IOS device easily too.

This video isn’t meant as a tutorial, just a showcase of this device, It’s probably best viewed fullscreen in HD so that you can see all that’s going on.
using the thing is pretty straight forward – you’ll have to download Apotop APP from the Apple store (it’s free).

In the video I start off by showing what’s in my OP-1 drum folder.
The OP-1 is plugged into the Apotop DW17.
Wifi is ON on the DW17, I have the Apotop App running on my ipod and connected to the DW17 wifi adhoc network.

I then switch the OP-1 to Disc mode.
You then see my four folders in the OP-1 in the App under “folder view”
– Album, Drum, Synth, Tape
I open Drum to show you what’s in there.
I then go to the “Collection” screen to show you an INPULSE folder (new drum sounds I want to put onto the OP-1)
I then choose to UPLOAD this folder into the DRUM folder of the OP-1.
Once it’s uploaded I show you this on the ipod that it’s transferred.
i then switch the OP-1 back to OP-1 mode, it restarts system and sets up new drum sounds.
I then show you that these are now in the OP-1 memory.

More than happy to answer any questions about the Apotop.
It’s a great thing to have for managing all your OP-1 presets, songs or works in progress.”

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iTrack Dock: Getting Started (video)

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PanzerLyu – Sequencing the 80’s (Arturia Microbrute + Korg Volca series) (video)

Korg Volcas on eBay

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Yonac are testing …

We look forward to ToneStack!

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Apple – WWDC 2014 (video)

In case you missed it.

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Are you using mobile music live?

I’d lke to know about anyone using mobile apps or devices live, especially if you have videos of the performance. Just put a link in the comments as I’d love to feature your stuff.