Jam Synth adds lots of new features including 2 new IAPs

Here’s what’s new with Jam Synth:

  • New IAP: Rainbows! Adds analog modeled auto rainbows to your sound. Adds extra rainbows when used with the harmonizer.
  • New IAP: Time Stopper! Freezes time…
  • Harmonizer now works on MIDI output
  • Harmonizer sends multi channel pitch bends to synths that support such fancy things
  • Dry guitar output is now passed through the app
  • Harmonizer also works on dry guitar output using high quality formant preserving pitch shift! Wow!
  • Transient detector added to enhance the triggering of note on events
  • Audiobus 2 w/ state saving
  • Audiobus filter slot. IMPORTANT: Jam Synth is designed to track the pure tone that comes from your guitar pickups. If you are going to send it a signal from another app you should use the input FILTER on the input page to filter out any extra harmonics or noise that may be present in an already-processed signal
  • Inter App Audio node / sync
  • Better sounding graphics
  • Audiophile quality fonts

Jam Synth is free on the app store (with IAPs):

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