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Stompbox Band for iPad Walkthrough (video)

Video description:

A quick walkthrough of the features in StompBox Band, the Dual Guitar Effect App for the iPad.

StompBox Band – Dual Effect Racks for your iPad, specifically designed for Bands or Guitarists who require a dual rack setup.

You can use StompBox Band Edition to provide two separate effect racks for different band members and output either a mix or separate outputs to your amps.

You can even pass a single guitar through both effect chains and morph between the two depending on how loud you play!

StompBox Band gives you the flexibility to have two effect racks running at the same time combined with the ability to utilise audio interfaces with multiple inputs & outputs.

Band Edition also has a built in Chord Explorer and Song Mode, allowing you to save commonly used patches and chords to song files. Use the Chord Explorer to audition your patches whilst making modifications.

For further details check out the app on www.stompbox-band.com

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Beatwave 2.0 (Promo video) coming soon …

Beatwave 2.0 Promo from Collect3 on Vimeo.

Now that’s a totally great promo video.

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I really like the idea of this: Music on the Move Episode 1: Midi Fighter & iPhone Jam

This is a great idea and the subject matter really appeals to me as this is one of the issues that I think a lot of us face in finding time to make music and one of the big reasons we use mobile.

I’m looking forward to the whole series.

Here’s the description of the video:

“Being a father, husband, full-time marketing employee and part-time DJ leaves very little time for actual music production and creativity. Alex and I from KM Music Productions are developing this short series of videos using different midi controllers and iOS devices to demonstrate how to utilize the most out of your commute, lunch break or any small bits of time you may have throughout the day. This way you can shove your iPad, iPhone or iPod into a bag or pocket and just hold your controller and focus on making music, pretty much anywhere.

In Episode 1 we are using DJ TechTools’ Midi Fighter Classic (which is bus powered) with an iPhone 5 using the USB camera connection kit, while running the iOS app BeatMaker2.

All samples are taken from Rick Fresco’s DJTT soundpack.

This jam is 100% unrehearsed, unplanned and completely improvised on the spot. This is meant for demonstration purposes and not as a performance.”

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Good post at HHH about assistive film making apps

I had a quick read through this post at HHH (Hand Held Hollywood) and decided that it probably needs slightly more attention as I think there are one or two apps in there that I need to have a look at. That said, if you’re into film making on your iPhone you should have a read of this too.

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Nice use of vidibox (Vidibox Project#1)

Nice clips in this video. It’s a good demonstration of what you can do with vidibox.

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Mikrowave sequenced synthesizer for Android: version 2.0 (video)

Video description:

“Showcase of Mikrowave (version 2.0) displaying the revamped user interface, optimized 10” tablet layout, all-new formant filter interpolation, the new eight-step arpeggiator, secondary tuneable oscillator, pitch shifting effects and fine tuned percussive sounds. The demonstration shows basic sequencer and effects usage, displaying how to use these sound sculpting tools for shaping anything from subtle effects to complete aural mayhem.

All sounds were generated by Mikrowave on an Asus Nexus 7 tablet.”

I’m looking forward to trying this out on my Nexus 7 soon.

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Jam Synth adds lots of new features including 2 new IAPs

Here’s what’s new with Jam Synth:

  • New IAP: Rainbows! Adds analog modeled auto rainbows to your sound. Adds extra rainbows when used with the harmonizer.
  • New IAP: Time Stopper! Freezes time…
  • Harmonizer now works on MIDI output
  • Harmonizer sends multi channel pitch bends to synths that support such fancy things
  • Dry guitar output is now passed through the app
  • Harmonizer also works on dry guitar output using high quality formant preserving pitch shift! Wow!
  • Transient detector added to enhance the triggering of note on events
  • Audiobus 2 w/ state saving
  • Audiobus filter slot. IMPORTANT: Jam Synth is designed to track the pure tone that comes from your guitar pickups. If you are going to send it a signal from another app you should use the input FILTER on the input page to filter out any extra harmonics or noise that may be present in an already-processed signal
  • Inter App Audio node / sync
  • Better sounding graphics
  • Audiophile quality fonts

Jam Synth is free on the app store (with IAPs):

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OP-1s (on eBay)

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SoundScriber update makes me want to take another look at this app

You might remember SoundScriber from when I first posted about it, but if not, think of it as a “twitter of sound” kind of app/service. Sounds are restricted to 140 seconds basically.

In this latest release they’ve added:

  • Replies
  • Hashtags
  • Browse sounds & users
  • Linkable URLs

Which looks like it might make it a more useful service, but of course take up is key to that. It’s free so you might want to take a look and see if it works for you.

SoundScriber on the app store:

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Korg Volca Keys & Roland AIRA TR-8 TB-3 & XOXBOX (video)

I can only just see the Volca in there, but what’s with the soft toys?

Korg Volcas on eBay