Something new coming from the maker of Arpeggionome


The nils promo code give away is now closed

Thanks to everyone who entered and a big thank you to Erik, the developer, for providing the codes.

Epic Synth 2.5 submitted


One hour left to go for the nils promo code give away

EMS iVCS3 phkery Arturia Beatstep (video)

Z3TA+ update improves MIDI and it’s still on sale

Here’s the latest update for Z3TA+:

  • Press and drag feature for incremental value parameters:
    • You can now press and drag, up or down, on any parameter without a knob or slider to change its value. The speed of your gesture determines the speed of the parameter change.
  • Keyboard settings persistence:
    • All keyboard settings not tied to the preset will be saved automatically, and persist into your next session.
  • Optimization:
    • The optimization settings are now automatically set, depending on the model of iPad. These can be changed in the options menu and will persist in the same manner as the keyboard settings.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed ability for non IAA, iOS MIDI Apps to sequence Z3TA+
    • Fixed arpeggiator stuck note

Also, it’s still on sale at $14.99 (down from $19.99).

Don’t forget to enter the Palm Sounds Song Contest

It’s the last few days. You’ve still got time to enter the contest, but don’t leave it until the absolute last minute please.

Amplify working on a new site


Don’t forget to enter the nils promo code give away

A picture of the NightRadio Lab


Had to post this picture

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