Junglator promo code give away is now closed

The promo code give away is now closed. I’ll be sending out codes in the next hour or two. Thanks to everyone who entered the promo code give away, and a big thank you to Amplify for providing the codes.

Only one hour left for the Junglator promo code give away

And then they go and introduce this!

Just when I think I’ve bought all the littleBits stuff I need for now, then they bring this out. I’m a sucker for nice cases …

Meteor Multitrack Recorder update

Here’s what’s new:

  • New Chord Track Feature ( In-App Purchase) which allows MIDI tracks to generate auto-accompaniment using the per track 64 step Arpeggiator.
  • Controller lane automation now allows control over effect and virtual instrument parameters.
  • Import and Share songs stored on SoundCloud.
  • Added a Double Effect (In-App Purchase).
  • Minor Bug Fixes.

Pictures from Sound Lab 1

We used a number of technologies in SoundLab 1, but the iRing was very well received indeed.

Different Drummer — Advanced rhythm & music generator update

Here’s what’s new with Different Drummer:

  • Greater precision in file format fixes rounding errors that can cause drift in some presets
  • Recording list shows length of recordings and doesn’t get unwanted blank files
  • Fixed glitches in CPM wheel stepper
  • Ability to add text notes to presets

Monotribe Distortion Mod (video)

Monotribe Distortion Mod from Neil Baldwin on Vimeo.

Monotribes on eBay

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