Palm Sounds Song Contest Entry: Million Dollar Bill by MaxtonX


“A real tear jerker this one.

I started in Garageband playing piano in my boxers via Audiobus and a midi keyboard and recognized a little pattern I was playing. I originally had the reverse guitar solo from Jamup Pro that i cut because I just wasn’t feeling it and was running out of time. For the vocals, I used Audiobus w/ Audioreverb to give the vocals a decent amount of reverb (slapback hall preset) and Garagebands built in compressor. From there I used Finaltouch to do the very bare mastering that I know how to do and then shot that into Audioshare.

This is the first “traditional” style song I’ve recorded on IOS and I’m still fleshing out an all ipad album thats almost as dance-y as this track.

goodnight everyone. don’t forget to check for ticks.”

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