“My Track to celebrate the superb reaching 8 years of broadcasting 🙂

Reading your posts has become part of my daily routine, so thank you for making it interesting.

Anyway, I sampled various apps making sounds themed around palmsounds – ie I used virtual-ANS and a screen dump of the palm sounds logo to make a lot of drones and drum sounds for the OP-1. I also sampled VOX 3000 voice synth via my iOS Zoom mic for extra ‘spirit of the event’ by keeping things portable.

After a bit of fun writing ‘palm’ and ‘’ into Sketch on the OP-1, I ended up with a whole crazy mess of sounds on the 4-track which I transferred to the ipad and tried to mix it in Auria – The resultant audio got hammered by a selection of inbuilt Auria ‘plugins’ such as Fabfilters microfilter and Sugerbytes WOW.

I don’t have an iOS mastering app so I did my best polishing with Auria’s master channel plugins. Would normally mix and master in my DAW, so it was a learning exercise which turned out to be great fun.

Happy belated birthday palmsounds :)”

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