Bleep Labs Pico Paso + Bit Blob Jr. = Pasbit Blopic (video)

Video description:

Bleep Labs Pico Paso kit and Bit Blob Junior kit housed in an old external cd rom drive case, custom.

Dual flashing LED kit from Quality Kits.

This project took almost a month with different stages of building the kits and planning the final look within the case. I cannot believe that it all fits inside there, it took me almost an entire week of re-working wires and connections to reduce it down to fit.

I know, way too much time and effort for a 25 dollar and 60 dollar kit, right? I enjoy the benefit of the enhanced look but most of all the ergonomics and useability of the kits for a performance setting. It’s mine though, you’ll never see another one like it and I don’t intend on selling it.

The main outputs for the Pico Paso and the BB Jr. are coming out the right side of the case where the huge connector cable used to reside. This is in the top right of the video and you can see the two cables there. The PP is a mono 1/4 inch and the BB is a mono 1/8 inch. The outputs are located to the right, underneath the Marine Corp. coin which was added for grip when inserting cables and to match the military grade connectors.

The PP has additional outputs for the square waves from each oscillator, I have added jacks for these. The main outs are triangle waves. I have also taken advantage of the additional LED outputs on the BB versus a stock build. Custom bases for the light sensors for the BB, custom keyboard mouse tops for the BB buttons, painted PP hardware, identification markings on the military connectors for patching. Custom LED stalks with knurled brass and chrome surrounds.

I am patching the Pico Paso through a Synthrotek Echo module as well as a little raw for a spell. The Bit Blob Jr. has no effects on it and is raw to the mixer.

Bleep Labs stuff on eBay

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