The Sopranotron codes have now gone out

A big thank you to Omenie for these codes. We only had 5 to give away and there were many many times that number of people who put their name into the promo code contest.

But the app is still up on the app store and you can find it here:

The Sopranotron promo code give away is now closed

The Sopranotron promo code give away has closed now. No more entries after this time will be accepted. I will be sending out codes as soon as possible.

A big thank you to everyone who entered the competition, and a huge thank you to Omenie for providing the codes.

The Sopranotron promo code give away has only 1 hour left to run

Teenage Engineering OP-1 & Samplr iPad (video)

OP-1s (on eBay)

Samplr on the app store:

Atmegatron Software: The Atmegadrum (video)

Video description:

The video demonstrates The Atmegadrum, an 8-bit 16-part 16-step drum machine.
Watch this video to find out how to upload the Atmegadrum software to the Atmegatron:
Go to to find out more about the Atmegatron.

Also if you’re interested in the Atmegatron you should listen to my interview with Mr Soulsby as well.

Let’s Play with Xynthesizr (video)

So SoundLab begins …

Some pictures from our first workshop last week. I’ll be posting more about this soon and how things worked out.

Turbo Duck — iMPC Pro Log (video)

OT: NI’s Reaktor is 70% off for 2 more days

I know it isn’t mobile related (although one day I hope it will be), but I couldn’t let a deal like this go by without letting you know. Reaktor from Native Instruments is 70% off at the moment. So in the UK that’s down to £89 from a normal price of £339.

That’s awesome really! It only has 2 more days to go, so apart from this I might remind you once more.

Don’t forget to enter the Sopranotron promo code give away

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