8 iOS Apps I love: 8 – Thumbjam

Thumbjam was one of the first real instruments to arrive on iOS, before it was even called iOS I think. It has stayed the distance on iOS and continued to develop to be one of the best loved iOS apps around, and it’s certainly one of my favourite apps, but I thought I’d explain why.

Thumbjam doesn’t just have a lovely bunch of sounds and lots of possibilities for how you play them, but it really allows the user to find a new level of expressivity in an iDevice that isn’t always available in other apps. Thumbjam gives you the feeling that you’re almost playing the instrument and adds an organic feel to a digital instrument that I think is quite unique.

So it’s in my top 8 apps this year, and it probably has been for quite a while, and probably will be for some time to come.

If you don’t know Thumbjam, then do yourself a favour and check it out on the app store.

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