8 iOS Apps I love: 1 – Aurora Sound Studio

Yes, it’s one of my all time favourite apps, and today it’s at the top of my list. This is mainly because it’s been the main source of most of my recent tracks, as you can tell.

It’s an app that I’ve used since it was first on Windows Mobile and I’ve been making music with it ever since. I find it really versatile and really simple to use and work with. I suppose that in many ways that’s because I like pattern and step sequencing and grid sequencers in particular, and I find Aurora (HD or the iPhone version) really easy to use and pick up.

I’ve already mentioned effectrix in my list. I’ve started using it a lot with Aurora and it’s a great combination.

So, Aurora is top of my list of 8 at the moment. Who know what will be up there this time next year?

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