And finally, there’s Cake …

So, that’s that then. Cake delivered, candles lit and blown out, and slice eaten.

Very nice it was too.

Thanks everyone for a great day. I really appreciate it.

8 iOS Apps I love: 1 – Aurora Sound Studio

Yes, it’s one of my all time favourite apps, and today it’s at the top of my list. This is mainly because it’s been the main source of most of my recent tracks, as you can tell.

It’s an app that I’ve used since it was first on Windows Mobile and I’ve been making music with it ever since. I find it really versatile and really simple to use and work with. I suppose that in many ways that’s because I like pattern and step sequencing and grid sequencers in particular, and I find Aurora (HD or the iPhone version) really easy to use and pick up.

I’ve already mentioned effectrix in my list. I’ve started using it a lot with Aurora and it’s a great combination.

So, Aurora is top of my list of 8 at the moment. Who know what will be up there this time next year?

8 iOS Apps I love: 2 – Cubasis

Cubasis has gone from strength since Steinberg launched their app. It’s become a mainstay for many of us. It’s close integration with Audiobus has made it invaluable now.

Of course when they added the synth in there too it was superb. In fact, I just can’t say enough good stuff about Cubasis. Version 1.8 and automation takes it even further.

I have nothing bad to say about this app.

Steinberg have done an amazing job.

8 iOS Apps I love: 3 – Effectrix

Effectrix is a fairly new arrival in my top 8 apps, but it’s proved one of the most useful in the last month or two. Working as an effects sequencer in the Audiobus chain had made me think about writing music in a different way. Writing the notes an sounds and effects all alongside one another makes you think in new directions and I’m enjoying that a lot.

If you don’t know Effectrix then I’d definitely suggest checking it out.

8 iOS Apps I love: 4 – Caustic 3

Caustic is a truly innovative app. In some ways similar to things like Gadget, but very different too. Also, it’s one of a very few cross platform apps with this level of complexity.

Caustic is unusual in that it started on Android and moved over to iOS and has been very well received on both platforms. Of course the latest iOS update has made a lot of people very happy too.

Personally I love the modular synth in Caustic. It’s awesome and really intuitive to use with great results.

8 iOS Apps I love: 5 – Korg’s Gadget

I’d liked Korg’s apps since they first launched, they’ve always done a great job, but when the brought out Gadget it was a really great move. In fact I think it has been the best thing they’ve ever done. Let’s be honest, it isn’t a unique app, but the way that Korg have arranged and implemented Gadget makes it one of the easiest apps to use.

It sounds great, and it looks great too. I hope that Korg keep on developing it and bringing in new features, because I love using this app.

8 iOS Apps I love: 6 – SeekBeats

I love drum machines, and I especially like drum synths, so SeekBeats is a fantastic combination for me. I love that it is so flexible and I love that it’s got a great MIDI implementation.

From the maker of the excellent TweakyBeat this is possibly my favourite drum machine app of the moment. I’ve certainly found myself using it a lot since it came out.

If you don’t know it then you should really take a look at it.

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