TonalEnergy Chromatic Tuner and Metronome updated

Here’s what’s new in the latest TonalEnergy update:

  • Added high quality speed/tempo adjustments of file playback without affecting pitch
  • Added record and playback controls to all pages, including position and loop points.
  • Improved file organization, added folders.
  • Import songs from the device’s local iTunes Library
  • Import audio files by Open In from Mail attachments or Safari links
  • Updated String tuning page with new layout and look
  • Add Indian notation, including shruti control. Added Tambura instrument.
  • Added slow response speed option
  • Added option to show/hide tenths of cent
  • Tap Tempo button expands when used, updated look of metronome buttons
  • Improved compound time subdivisions
  • Can now toggle on/off specific metronome beats within a meter
  • Added “8th=8th” option to metronome where switching between simple and compound meter will adjust tempo appropriately to keep the 8th note length the same.
  • iPad piano keyboard now has double-tap key change and transpose of sustained notes
  • Two-finger tap on spectral and waveform plots maximizes them
  • Update to Audiobus2
  • Update to AudioCopy2

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