Unhand (video) using Noatikl for iOS

Video description:

“Melodic drone development with generative percussion from the hidden hand of Noatikl for iOS.

Modular, Minibrute, BC-9, Nord Drum2 and Eventide stomp boxes. Direct recording.”

Wow, this is well worth a listen, some really interesting stuff in there. If you didn’t know that Noatikl could do that, now might be the time to take a look.

ARTURIA iSEM Strange sound (video)

Actually I don’t think it’s that strange.

ARTURIA iSEM on the app store:

Maybe a version of TouchOSC coming to Windows 8/Phone …


Don’t miss out on the ATmegatron

In case you missed it you can find my interview, and the video of the ATmegatron from the excellent Soulsby Synthesizers.

Jamie Lidell and the Qkidz on the new iMASCHINE (video)

Video description:

Techno-soul mastermind Jamie Lidell creates a track with the Qkidz using only the new iMASCHINE

iMaschine is the world-leading iOS app for creative beatmaking – and it just got better. The updated iMaschine is now also optimized for iPad, with a two-handed workflow for iPad’s larger screen. Plus a wealth of new sound, improved sampling, and more. If you already have iMaschine, the update is free.

The Chordion and dot Melody Promo Code Give Away is now closed

Many thanks to everyone who entered the promo code give away. The codes will be going out in the next hour or so.

Live improvisation iPad Samplr, Toy Music Box, Ableton Push, Maschine, Leap Motion (video)

iMaschine now universal and much more besides …

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1:

  • iPad optimization for two handed-workflow
  • Sampling from iTunes
  • Free ‘Quantum Collection’ sound pack
  • XY performance controls on mixer page
  • Swipe gestures for redo and undo
  • GUI facelift
  • Enhanced sample editing functionality, start and end point now adjustable
  • iPhone 5 screen support
  • Metronome on/off switch

One hour left to enter the Chordion and dot Melody Promo Code Give Away

Remember to tag your Palm Sounds Song Contest entries with “PSAT8”

If you’re planning to enter the Palm Sounds Song competition then just remember that I need to know where your entry is, so please tag it as “PSAT8” or it’ll be more difficult for me to find.

So go and take a look at my original post, which let’s you know what you need to do, it’s all pretty easy actually, and there are some nice tracks already entered, and more importantly, the original post tells you what you could win.

So, go enter the contest. If you need more time, just let me know

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