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Massive Thumbjam update arrives!

Here are all the goodies:

  • Inter-App-Audio (IAA) node support
  • Audiobus 2 support, including state load/save
  • Now supports up to 4 screen splits, and up to 8 simultaneously loaded instruments
  • Velocity layering support added (new downloadable instruments coming up that take advantage of it)
  • AudioCopy2 update
  • Added AudioShare export and import
  • Now allows pitch tracking mode in background
  • Added chromatic or white-key-only MIDI scale lock option
  • Special MIDI NRPN support for handling realtime scale changes via MIDI (for use with the app KeyIn)
  • Added MIDI breath control (CC2) options (volume and filter cutoff)
  • Improved channel and poly pressure support
  • Show all-notes-off button when instrument sustains on release (for damping)
  • User presets are now alphabetized in list (so renaming can control ordering)

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The M3000 Promo Code Contest has now closed

Codes will be going out to winners very soon. Thanks to everyone who took part and a big thank you to Omenie for providing the codes and their excellent M3000 app as well.

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One hour left to enter the M3000 promo code give away competition

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OT: Launch Center Pro for iPad is on sale

This isn’t directly iOS music making related, but it is a very useful app nevertheless. Launch Center Pro for iPad is on sale with the price down from $7.99 to $4.99.

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New Thumbjam instruments available …


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Sopranotron for iPad arrives

Sopranotron arrives for your iPad and it looks pretty awesome.

Here’s what to expect:

The first dedicated ‘Virtual Soprano’ instrument for iPad – add soaring operatic soprano tones to your recordings, or take a pitch-perfect Virtual Soprano on stage with you!

Here by popular demand is Omenie’s M3000 HD ‘English Soprano’ library, provided as a standalone instrument. Caitlin Downie, gifted soprano and national treasure, has been painstakingly recorded and assembled into a huge vocal collection. 525 different samples, 15 different voices, with chromatic sampling over the M3000’s 35-note range, and note stretching below and above the range to deliver 5 octaves in total.

3 distinct vowel vocalizations, ‘soft’ voices, ‘forte’ voices with huge projection and vibrato, staccato vowels and 3 different ensemble voices are provided. Two different playable instruments are available at the same time, one blended from a selection 3 of the 15 voices (‘A/B/C’), the other a single voice (‘D’). The ‘D’ voice may be assigned to programmable chord pads, or the two instruments may be played independently via class-compliant MIDI keyboards. 64 programmable ‘Voicebanks’ allow popular selections of voices to be saved and restored immediately for recording or performance.

Virtual MIDI on 2 separate channels and AudioBus support make Sopranotron a very flexible and powerful instument for adding vocal sparkle to recordings or live performances.

The app is priced at $7.99.

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Eno • Hyde iOS App (video)

This is completely awesome and really makes me want to get the vinyl now. Actually, if you don’t know the album already you should take a look as I think it’s excellent.

Eno • Hyde “Someday World” album on iTunes:

Eno • Hyde iOS App on the app store:

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Here’s what’s new in the latest version of CASSINI Synth for iPhone:

  • iOS7 compatibility improvements.
  • Added “Arpeggiator” button in the keyboard screen.
  • Added “Keyboard Hold” button in the editor screen.
  • Added new options for the audio buffer size: 128, 256.
  • Added some new flavors of saturation applied to the filter.
  • iOS4 and 5 are no longer supported with this release. The minimum required iOS version is now 6.1.

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Don’t forget to enter the M3000 promo code give away competition

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And the Cubasis 1.8 release arrives …

I thought it might be worth posting the video from last month that showed us what was on the way …

Now here’s what Steinberg have confirmed as their 1.8 release for Cubasis:


  • Automation
  • MIDI CC’s, program changes, aftertouch support
  • Mixer side global control panel
  • Phase inversion plug-in (for audio channels)
  • Redesigned effect rack
  • Audiobus 2.0 support


  • The sustain pedal is now recorded as MIDI events (All sustain pedal problems solved!).
  • The mod wheel is now recorded as MIDI events.
  • Color-coded inspector nodes for automation, inserts and sends were added.
  • The pitch bend range behaviour has been adapted to match Cubase. MicroSonic pitch bend range is configurable per track in the Inspector.
  • Pitch bend wheel movement is visible when playing back pitch bend events.
  • Audiobus 2.0 support.

There were lots of bug fixes too.

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