There’s a NOiZE on the way and you’re going to like it a lot

I saw this app in a much earlier state almost a couple of months ago and I was really impressed with the ideas that the developers have come up with for this NOiZE. So much so that I almost missed the point completely when I was looking at it in March. That hasn’t happened to me very often, but the functionality I saw in this app really impressed me, as I’ve just not seen that kind of thing in a mobile app before.

Here’s an audio demo of the app …

The developers (who brought you Jungalator) posted about the app on their blog. They say it’s in early alpha stage at the moment, but that when it does come out it’ll be available as a universal iOS app, but also eventually for Android too.

I’m really looking forward to this app, to see what people make with it. I think it’s going to be good, really good.

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