There’s a NOiZE on the way and you’re going to like it a lot

I saw this app in a much earlier state almost a couple of months ago and I was really impressed with the ideas that the developers have come up with for this NOiZE. So much so that I almost missed the point completely when I was looking at it in March. That hasn’t happened to me very often, but the functionality I saw in this app really impressed me, as I’ve just not seen that kind of thing in a mobile app before.

Here’s an audio demo of the app …

The developers (who brought you Jungalator) posted about the app on their blog. They say it’s in early alpha stage at the moment, but that when it does come out it’ll be available as a universal iOS app, but also eventually for Android too.

I’m really looking forward to this app, to see what people make with it. I think it’s going to be good, really good.

Hear the entries so far …

The Crystalline Promo Code Contest is now closed

The codes will be going out shortly. Thanks to everyone who entered, and a huge thank you to Holderness Media for providing the codes to their great new app.

One hour left for the Crystalline promo code give away

Don’t forget that the contest ends at 9pm B.S.T.

Want to know what you could win in the Palm Sounds Song Competition

Don’t forget, The Palm Sounds Song competition is now well under way …

You could win …

  1. The first prize is a Brand New GuitarJack 2 USB from Sonoma Wireworks. This is an awesome piece of hardware that I’ve been using since its first version and it is truly an awesome product from a great company.
  2. One of 8 Promo Codes for Propellerhead’s Excellent Thor for iPad

So, go enter the contest.
I’m looking forward to hearing what you make …

AudioCopy: Free Your Sounds

Video description:

“Big update to AudioCopy adds recording and a full featured, gesture based waveform editor.

AudioCopy is a great way to capture and share any sound on SoundCloud from your iOS Device. It makes it easy to paste sound in hundreds of compatible apps.”

Palm Sounds Song Contest Entry: My Two Bytes by ubik


Created using my iPad with:

  • GarageBand
  • Sunrizer
  • Thor
  • DM1
  • AudioBus
  • Animoog

Retronyms summer of epic looks really cool

Have you had a chance to check out as yet? It’s pretty awesome and gives you a nice take on where they’ve got to with the apps they’re bringing us this summer.

Less of an update, more of a tear-your-face-off revamp. AudioCopy is getting awesome.

iMPC Pro
The next generation of iMPC for iPad. A whole lot of epic shoved into one app.

It howls like a wolf, it screeches like a hawk. We think you’re going to love the newest instrument in the Retronyms Family.

and …

Coming Soon
Keep a lookout for Arturia’s latest Tabletop-Ready app.

Positive Grid “Final Touch” Mastering App Demo – Sweetwater’s iOS Update, Vol. 75 (video)

Positive Grid "Final Touch" Mastering App Demo – Sweetwater’s iOS Update, Vol. 75 (video)

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