Palm Sounds Song Contest Entry: In the Palm of My Hands ***psat8**** Happy 8th birthday Palm Sounds (audio)

Here’s how the track was made …

**Happy Birthday Palm Sounds!!! This is my birthday gift to you! This is my entry into the Palm Sounds Birthday song Contest. This was truly a labor of love because after it was all done in Multitrack DAW I could not get the fx to record in the final mix. I tried everything but then had no choice but to take each piece of track and painstakingly put it into Auria. The hardest part was lining everything .I also got help with adding the wow fx in Auria using a Sub from Rolf over at the iPad musician forum. I never used a Sub before and he posted a pic to help me see where it is I need to put it for it to record on the track!! very cool So this is how the track was made:

It started out in Boom 909 where I recorded a drum track loop by loop. I think I made about 13 4 bar loops and recorded it into a wave. Then I copy and pasted it into MultiTrack DAW. I then added Zmors using interapp audio. I added one track of chords and one track of lead line using a preset I made. I used my Korg NanoKeys2 to input the notes. I then added two tracks using my Nintendo DSi using a program called the DS-10. I used my Behringer UCA-222 and the lightning to usb adaptor to get the sound into the iPad mini2. I played it freestyle into Multitrack. I made up the sounds using the editor. One of the tracks (lead line) I used the on screen keyboard with the stylus and the other track I used the Kaoss Pad and the stylus. I used AUX Space in IAA but when I copy and pasted the track into Auria I used it in the fx slot. I then added the same drum track but this time I used the WOW filter using the vowel preset. Next came the great app Nave which I used in Audiobus to get into Multitrack. I used a preset by Alex Matheu called Space Anthem. I played the on screen keyboard! I then went to Nlog Pro using interapp audio and used the B Phass preset also using the on screen keyboard. I had to use audio share at one point because I screwed up and deleted a track and left one I didn’t need so I used the audio bin to get it back (thank goodness for that) and copy and pasted it into Audio share for safe keeping. Deleted the track I didn’t need and used copy and paste to get it back from audioshare into MTDAW. Once I got all the tracks over to Auria I used the MicroWarmer on the mix and then copy and pasted the mix into Audio Mastering and used a preset but I don’t recall which one but I tweaked it a bit and lowered the gain as I think it was too hot. BUT then I just didn’t like the way it lined up SOOOOO I went back into Auria muted all the tracks except for the WOW track and just mixed down the darn track back into Auria (so that it had the wow filter embedded in it) (why didn’t I think of that in the first place?) then copy and pasted it into audio share. Went Into MTDAW deleted the track and copy and pasted from Audio Share into MTDAW. Re mixed and copy and pasted it back into AudioMastering used the Electronic preset and tweaked a bit and that’s how I made this song!! Thanks for listening!!

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