Palm Sounds Song Contest Entry: Brave New Sounds (PalmSounds contest) by Frozen Lonesome (audio)

And this is how it was done …

This is my entry for the 8th birthday contest. Made completely in IOS, this multi-stage track features some of my favourite recording methods and apps. Created on an iPhone 5 and then finished on the iPad. Using Loopy as the main recording app, environmental sounds (wind, wind chimes etc.) were recorded through AUXFX:Dub and AudioReverb. The main beats, bass and percussion are from Loopseque recorded as separate stems into Loopy.

Cello, Trumpet and synths are from ThumbJam and processed through AUXFX:Space & AUXFX:Dub. All Loopy Stems were exported to AudioShare and transferred via DropBox to my iPad3. The tracks were opened in Auria, arranged and mixed down. The resulting mix was opened in Audioshare and processed through Stereo Designer. The processed track was opened into a new project file in Auria and mixed with the first mix. This allowed me to dial in as much of the Stereo Designer processed version as desired. The track was mixed down and then exported again to Audioshare. The penultimate version was given a final mastering in Mastering.

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