And that was another busy week wasn’t it

It’s been an interesting week on the whole. Here are the highlights as I see them.



  • Cakewalk’s ScratchPad HD got a few nice new features in the latest version
  • As IceGear were kind enough to give out codes for all of their apps on Tuesday we said a big thank you to them as they’ve also just put out some great updates to Argon and Xenon too
  • Also I give some first impressions of IK’s new iRing hardware.




So it was an interesting week overall. Lots going on and even more if you count all the give aways and sales.

There’s more to come next week as well.

Reminder: Yonac’s Galileo is still 50% off

Also on sale to celebrate Palm Sounds turning 8 years old in May is Yonac’s Galileo Organ. It is still 50% off for the weekend.

The app is reduced in price $9.99 to just $4.99.

Reminder: Yonac’s Magellan Jr is still 60% off

Don’t forget that Yonac’s Magellan Jr is also 60% off at the moment. It hasn’t got too much longer to run on sale though. The price of this app is down from $4.99 to just $1.99.

Another bargain from Yonac!

Reminder: Yonac’s Magellan is still on sale with 66%, but not for much longer

Don’t forget that Magellan, Yonac’s flagship synth app is 66% off this weekend only in celebration of Palm Sounds turning 8 this May.

It’s down in price from $14.99 to just $4.99.

Back in 2009: Yudo announce 8bitone

Yudo’s 8bitone was a really amazing app back in 2009, and you can read my original post about the announcement here.

Back in 2007: Microbe circuit bending

Although it was difficult to see what the ‘circuit bending’ part of this was, it was good to see someone else talking about Microbe. You can see the video and links here.
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