The Palm Sounds Interviews

I thought I’d put a little playlist on SoundCloud of the interviews I’ve done so far so you can refer to them easily.

Tarekith posts a very useful piece comparing different mastering apps

Well worth a read. You can find the article here.

Looks like Ototo is getting everywhere


scttr arrives, because a collision-based arpeggiator is what your iPad is screeming out for

scttr is a collision-based arpeggiator. Placing pulse emitters in a 2D plane enables you to intuitively create and manipulate rhythmic structures, ranging from simple patterns to polyrhythmic mayhem. Subtle parameter changes can result in startling, sometimes unpredictable results, while always maintaining sonic coherence.

It was designed as a creative software instrument/sound generator for live performances and improvisational modular setups.

The PRO version will feature MIDI support, control over sound parameters and advanced particle control parameters.

scttr is free

MIDI Hack is this weekend (17th to the 18th)

I wish I could have been there this weekend, but I’m really looking forward to whatever gets made over the weekend. All the best to everyone who’s going to be there too.

Missed it? Paul Soulsby interview is here

You can find the interview here. It was really interesting talking to Paul and understanding how the ATmegatron came into being.

Back in 2008: Palm Sounds live

Amazing to think about this from back in 2008. I decided to see if I could do something live with just PDAs and mobile type devices. It wasn’t as easy as you’d think it might be. Here are the pictures to prove it,

Very useful list of iOS Compatible Audio Interfaces

This is a really handy list of audio interfaces that are compatible with iOS. Brought to us by Audio Mastering Studio.

Well worth checking out.

Back in 2007: The Madplayer

A strange device for music making that never really took off, which was a shame really, but for those who had them it was a great source of inspiration as a generative music maker. You can read more about my thoughts on these here.

littleBits on the BBC

Great to see stuff like littleBits getting into the BBC and the mainstream.

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