littleBits Arduino Tips & Tricks: Using Analog Input To Make Selections (video)

Video description:

“Play theme music for Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker with the littleBits Arduino module.

In this example, we have two of our coin cell power modules hooked up to dimmer modules. One dimmer is turned down very low, and the other is turned up very high. You’ll notice that when we plug in the Darth Vader dimmer, the speaker connected to the Arduino plays his theme music. When we plug in Luke Skywalker, it plays Luke’s theme music. If, while the Luke Skywalker is plugged in, we turn his dimmer way down, the theme music changes (Oh no! Luke’s gone over to the Dark Side!).

Most remote controls send signals using infrared light. When you press a button on the remote, it sends a pulse of infrared light to a sensor on your TV or Stereo that tells it what to do. The Remote Trigger module is also activated by infrared light, which means you can use a regular household remote to send signals to your littleBits circuits.

In this video, we have a very simple circuit: Power → Remote Trigger → LED. When is Remote Trigger is activated, it will send an ON signal to the LED and light it up. You’ll notice that when we press a button on the remote control, the LED lights up, and when we let go of the button, the LED turns off.”

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