Sequence by Incident arrives

Sequence is like a drum machine you can use to create looping rhythms and melodies. Building on the design of a traditional step sequencer and similar musical devices, Sequence makes it incredibly easy to create a song with a variety of drums, percussion, and melodies.

Sequence makes it easy for anybody to create compelling music on-the-go with no experience whatsoever. The intuitive pattern grid means that you’re always in-time and in-key.

Sequence Highlights:

  • Easy to Play – Intuitive design and simple pattern-grid makes composing songs quick and simple.
  • Always In Tune – Every instrument is mapped to the same musical key
  • Choose From 15 Preset Instruments – Drums (Rock, 808, Chiptune, House, Hand Drums), Melodic (Piano, Vibraphone, Violin, Guitar, Double Bass), and more!
  • Record Your Own Samples + Create Custom Instruments – Take your creativity further by sequencing your own original sound recordings
  • Multi-track Mixer for Adjusting Volume

Technical Features:

  • 15 Different Instruments
  • Combine Samples Into Custom Instruments
  • Sampler For Recording Custom Sounds
  • Easily Save + Edit Your Sets
  • Set Up to 4 Unique Patterns Per Instrument
  • Extend Loops to 1-, 2-, or 4- Measure Phrases

Sequence is also optimized for use with interactive hardware instruments like the gTar from Incident. When connected, the gTar fretboard can be used as a physical controller for the Sequence Grid.

Sequence is free on the app store:

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