Palm Sounds interviews Paul Soulsby about the ATmegatron Synth

I really enjoyed talking to Paul about his synth the ATmegatron, how he developed the concept and brought the idea to life.

Back in 2010: Yonac bring us MiniSynth PRO for the iPad

Now this was a really big step forward for Yonac and for iOS music as a whole. The iPad was just starting out and Yonac were one of the first to bring a synth app to the new format.

MiniSynth PRO on the app store:

Double Decker arrives from Secret Base Design

Secret Base bring us a new controller app. Here’s what it is …

The best MIDI controller is the one that you have with you. Double Decker transforms an ordinary Bluetooth keyboard into a sophisticated MIDI controller, giving you a much bigger playing surface, while still being portable.

The app features a state-of-the-art Soundfont engine, advanced MIDI routing capability, support for Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth, and even Audiobus!

Press a key on the Bluetooth keyboard to trigger a note. When you touch another key, the first note is silenced as the next note is played. With iOS, a key press can be detected, but not a key release; the automatic silencing of notes lets you play in a smooth and natural manner. Tapping the space bar will silence all sounding notes. Double Decker can only detect keystrokes when it is in the foreground.

The keys are arranged with the two middle rows in a piano-style formation. Play a second instrument using the bottom row of keys, and two more instruments using the number keys and punctuation. Each key can be configured to trigger either a single note or a chord.

A second arrangement of the keyboard divides things into four grids, four-by-four each. This is great for finger drumming, and triggering samples and sequences.

Double Decker supports Soundfonts, opening up a world of different tones. The app also has full support for MIDI, giving almost unlimited sonic potential. Using the MIDI Learn feature in apps such as Loopy and Genome, you can start and stop recording, play synthesizers, and switch tracks, all with a Bluetooth keyboard.

If you have multiple iOS devices, you can link them together using the low latency connection provided by Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth. Run Double Decker in the foreground on one device to catch keystrokes, and then send MIDI to a second device, which can have a synthesizer or sequencer app in the foreground.

Key features of the app are the following:
* Innovative use of an external keyboard to trigger notes.
* Keyboard arranged into two groups, each with four different playing regions.
* Each region can be assigned a Soundfont patch, a set of MIDI destinations, or both.
* Soundfonts can be added using “open in” or iTunes file sharing.
* Each key in each region is configurable as either a note or a chord, with independent velocity control.
* Key configurations can be saved as presets, shared through email, or downloaded from the web.
* The app supports the Audiobus “input” slot.
* Built-in support as a Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth “A” endpoint.

Please visit the Secret Base Design web site for more information, Video demos, and links to reviews.

The app is priced at $1.99

Back in Feb 2010: Yonac brought us OttO for iPhone and iPod

Something quite different back then, and possibly even now. OttO was a voice FX and reversal app.

OttO on the app store:

Boom 909 arrives from Pulse Code Inc arrives for your iPad

Boom 909 integrates one of the most popular drum machines of the 80’s into the modern mobile producers workflow.

With Boom 909, getting the classic 909 drum sounds into your music has never been easier. Audiobus compatibility, background audio, and audio export options allow Boom 909 to fit into your music without slowing you down.

Personalize your beats with the sound of the 909!


  • Step sequencer
  • High fidelity audio
  • CoreMIDI
  • Audiobus and background audio modes
  • Record and export live performance to Soundcloud, Audio Copy, email and iTunes file sharing
  • Compressor
  • Swing
  • Overdrive

Boom 909 provides the superb audio quality found in our other Pulse Code apps. Along with the classic drum sounds, Boom 909 has a built in compressor that is tuned to add punch to your drum beats. Soft saturation overdrive rounds out the signal chain adding warm crunch to your beats.

Using Boom 909 with Audiobus allows you to add any number of Audiobus compatible effects as well as record your beats into the app of your choice. Writing beats is easy by using the internal step sequencer or trigger the drums with CoreMIDI. Control your groove with two swing variations.


BOOM 909! is priced at $0.99.

Back in 2009: Yonac’s Mandolin for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Another unusual experiment in 2009 from Yonac, but then of course it was a very different market and developers were trying out all sort of ideas.

Mandolin on the app store:

Back in 2009: Yonac’s PitchBot, smart chromatic tuner for iPhone and iPad

Next Yonac brought us PitchBot, a different take on the tuner app and retaining their focus on the guitar world for now.

PitchBot on the app store:

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