First Impressions: iRing from IK Multimedia

I was lucky enough to get the a sample pack of IK’s new iRing controller last week and found time to give them a quick play as well. My initial reaction to the hardware is that these are simple lightweight and yet quite robust and sturdy. The controllers are very easy to hold and once you’ve got them in your hand they don’t fall out easily.

I started by trying to use the iRings without configuring them, and of course, they don’t work. You need to register these using the QR code that comes in pack. Once you’ve done that they work straight off with no problems at all.

Once you’ve got the whole thing working it’s a lot of fun to play with. I started off by using the iRing Music Maker app (iTunes link). The app gives you a view on how the controllers work and how they can be used, but I think the real benefit to a lot of mobile musicians will be using IK’s other iRing enabled app, the iRing FX app. In the music maker app you can assign different parameters to each controller iRing. This is pretty easy to do actually and it’s very responsive once set up.

I used one to control the overall filter on the mix and the other to change the patterns coming in and out. I found that even with this simple set up it was great to just play and bring stuff in and out. I think I could probably spend a lot of time just messing about with a mix and controlling different parameters in it.

So, next I need to spend some time with the FX controller app and see where that takes me. I think that IK’s newest addition to their mobile hardware line up is going to be well worth the €19.99 they’re charging for it, especially if other developers take on the iRing SDK which is available here.

Get the IK iRing now at IK’s site … (click below)

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