A huge thank you to Reactable for providing the codes for today’s give away

Reactable are one of the most interesting companies in the mobile space at the moment. Starting originally with their Reactable hardware and then creating their mobile app as a software representation of this allowed them to bring it to a much wider audience. Then porting it from iOS to Android increased their audience even further.

Last week they expanded their iOS and Android apps even further with their object store within the app allowing users to do more with this interesting take on a modular music creation system.

So a huge thank you to Reactable for providing the codes today and I hope that everyone who received one really enjoys the app.

I’m looking forward to the new directions that Reactable are exploring and seeing where that goes next.

Don’t forget the latest update of the mobile app has some great new stuff in their object store.

Reactable Mobile on the app store:

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