Announcing the Palm Sounds Birthday Song Competition

Everything starts with a song, or a track anyway. To celebrate Palm Sounds turning eight years old we’re having a special contest to run for the whole of May. The idea is that you create a track which will be the soundtrack or special sound for Palm Sounds, but there are some rules as you’d expect.

  1. Every entry to the contest must be made using mobile hardware and apps. No finishing off on a desktop or laptop!
  2. The more apps or mobile devices you use the better.

So, how do you enter the contest? Here’s what to do:

  1. Create your track or song, that’s easy right?
  2. Publish it to SoundCloud. If you don’t have a SoundCloud account, you can get a free one very easily.
  3. Make sure that you put all the apps / hardware you used in the description on SoundCloud, and add the tag “psat8” to your track. This way I can see all the entries and make sure I listen to them.
  4. Add your track to the Palm Sounds group on SoundCloud
  5. Let me know about your track via twitter, email, carrier pigeon, whatever.

So, what can you win? Good question. Here’s what’s up for grabs …

  1. The first prize is a Brand New GuitarJack 2 USB from Sonoma Wireworks. This is an awesome piece of hardware that I’ve been using since its first version and it is truly an awesome product from a great company.
  2. One of 8 Promo Codes for Propellerhead’s Excellent Thor for iPad

And there are more to be announced soon too …

The winner(s) will be announced on the 25th of May (as this is the date Palm Sounds will be 8). So get your tracks in as soon as you can.

I’m looking forward to hearing them.

A huge thank you to Reactable for providing the codes for today’s give away

A huge thank you to Reactable for providing the codes for today’s give away

Reactable are one of the most interesting companies in the mobile space at the moment. Starting originally with their Reactable hardware and then creating their mobile app as a software representation of this allowed them to bring it to a much wider audience. Then porting it from iOS to Android increased their audience even further.

Last week they expanded their iOS and Android apps even further with their object store within the app allowing users to do more with this interesting take on a modular music creation system.

So a huge thank you to Reactable for providing the codes today and I hope that everyone who received one really enjoys the app.

I’m looking forward to the new directions that Reactable are exploring and seeing where that goes next.

Don’t forget the latest update of the mobile app has some great new stuff in their object store.

Reactable Mobile on the app store:

MultiTrack DAW 3.4.6 is out


Reactable codes now gone out

Thanks to everyone who entered the Reactable Mobile promo code give away. The codes have gone out now to winners, so please check your spam filters just in case.

Thanks to Reactable for providing the codes.

Precision Knob — iMPC Pro Log (video)

Video description:

“Every knob in iMPC Pro has a Precision Mode for fine tune editing and easy gestural access to advanced features.

iMPC Pro Log showcases the latest features from the freshest development build of iMPC Pro, the upcoming beat production iPad app from Akai Professional and Retronyms. A new video drops every week until we launch!

[Note: iMPC Pro is currently in development. All features are subject to change]”

The Reactable Mobile Promo Code Give Away is now closed

Thanks to everyone who took part, and a big thank you to Reactable for making the promo codes available. They’ll be going out to winners in the next hour or so.

Audio Mastering celebrates 1 year on the iPad!

Almost unbelievable really, that Audio Mastering has been around that long! Well here’s to many more years from Audio Mastering, and more great updates like the ones we’ve become used to so far!

Don’t forget that Audio Mastering, Master FX, MIDI Pattern Sequencer, and Master Record are all half price for a limited time to celebrate.

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