BassLine and Loopseque apps

Audiobus jam#11 (tHe lAst dAnce)

Buddha Machine and Loopseque

Conductr have a new blog

Conductr start a blog with a somewhat provocatively titled first post, “WHY ELECTRONIC MUSIC IS SO F**KING GREAT? (1)”.

Interesting reading …

Loopseque. Music app for iPad. Four Wheel Concept

Novation Launchpad, B-Step Sequencer and a iPad last night (video)

Video description:

“B-Step on iPad controlled with a Novation Launchpad MINI and the black Micro Kork produces the sound..

This is a blues chord progression. Edit one bar, copy to the others for each loop and shifting octaves.

You can get B-Step Sequencer for Linux, Windows, Mac and iPad as VST plugin or standalone.”

Back in August 2010: Loopseque. Music app for iPad. Beat creation

We started to see how the interface got used to make beats. It was exciting!

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