A big thank you to Casual Underground for making Loopseque and Loopseque Mini free for today

I have to say a massive thank you to the Casual Underground for making their great apps free today. Loopseque is still an amazing piece of software for creating music no matter what your experience or ability, and that’s an important statement. It’s important because apps like Loopseque allow people who are new to music making to be creative and start making music with relative ease and without the initial barriers that are normally present in learning an instrument.

Casual Underground’s work represents real innovation in mobile music. What they’ve done with Loopseque and with Loopseque Mini was a real step forward and both of these apps are still very useful. In fact I used these apps in the SoundLab project last year simply because they were so easy for users to get to grips with with almost no learning curve.

I should also mention that Loopseque isn’t their only app, they also made the excellent MovBeats, which is also worth checking out, as well as the children’s version of Loopseque too.

So, once again, a huge thank you to Casual Underground, I hope that they continue to innovate.

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